How much does animation cost?


Not as much as you might think!


It’s a bit like the proverbial piece of string: the price depends on a number of things including length, duration and the style (for example, will it be 2D or 3D?).


We work with a wide array of budgets and can tailor our approach to suit yours.


Just give us a ring or send us an email and we’ll provide a no-obligation quote and fully explain what’s involved and where savings can be made by using different techniques or approaches.

How long does animation take?


Well we suggest that the initial creative process & storyboarding normally takes about 1-2 weeks.


As a rule of thumb, it takes 1 day to create 2-4 seconds of animation per animator. However we can scale up production at a moment’s notice so we can work to even the tightest of deadlines.


Why should I choose RJDM?


We have been going for over 22 years and we're still pushing boundaries. We’re well placed to guide you through the amazing possibilities that digital media offers.


We’ve got enthusiasm by the truckload & simply can’t get enough of what we do. Sounds a bit sad at our age but it makes your journey into the world of digital media a magical & memorable experience. We don’t like to brag but it would be remiss not to mention we’re also award winners & have a fantastic track record.


Check out the fruits of our hard labours that we have delivered for some great clients.


We would be nothing without our dedication to customer service & pride ourselves on our quality of work, that as the cliché says, is always on time & never over budget.

2D or 3D animation?


This depends in part on your budget and what kind of effect you want to achieve. There are some great benefits to 3D animation and the IMPACT it creates.


It’s probably a lot more cost effective than you might think and is becoming an expectation of today’s younger generation.

What can animation offer me?


Animation grabs attention, steering you away from the drab and dreary towards planet OMG!. And as well as helping you to build an endearing brand personality it’s no longer limited to large marketing budgets.

How much will it cost me to make an app?


The cost of an App varies depending on the number of platforms for which it needs to be written and what the App needs to do. We write Apps for all mobile platforms, and we’d be more than happy to discuss your requirements. As a very general guide Apps usually start from around £2000.

Do you offer work experience?


Yes! – We love to help the animators of the future, but positions are limited and only available to college or university students and graduates. We usually limit it to a week as we have a busy set of characters (and clients) to keep happy. You’ll need a good working knowledge of some key industry programmes, essential for working in the grown up world of digital media. The list is long and includes Maya, Combustion, After-effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash. So please feel free to get in touch and we’ll see what we can do. The more creative your application the more likely we are to want to see you (Although, applications on the side of a jar of honey are not accepted following ‘the incident’ in the studio!).

How do I get into animation?


Perseverance, hard work and then a bit more perseverance. Or in some cases like the boss, years of lounging on the sofa watching films. He reckons it took him a good foundation course in art & design, then a few years studiously working towards a degree. So sorry, the fun only comes after the hard graft. Work experience at different studios can help you find your happy feet (sorry had to slip that in!) and it will give you a good grounding as to what you can expect in the industry. Good luck on your adventure in the fantastic world of animation!

How much does a website cost?


It’s a bit like asking how much will a new car cost – it all depends on the specification and what kind of extras you’d like to have. You might only need a simple brochure site to talk about your services or you might be after a full e-commerce site that needs bespoke programming or even a company-wide intranet.


We can give you some ballpark figures pretty much straight away and we’ll always provide a detailed quotation before we commence work.

What kind of websites do you do?


With in-house programmers we’re able to tackle the most complex projects down to the simplest of sites, intranets and customer facing sites, we even produce bespoke web systems.

Why should I choose RJDM for my website?


Mixing free-flowing imagination with rigorous programming and development, we produce websites that increase marketing penetration through pixels.


You can also take advantage of our comprehensive resource for animation, apps, and film for a complete digital experience and stunning content that can take your site beyond the everyday.

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