Viral Animations for Infotainment

Short, funny and entertaining animations are a great way to engage audiences of the social media generation. The more unique and entertaining they are, the more chance they have of being shared and the better opportunity you have of spreading your message to a wide audience.


Working with the Emergency Planning team at Northamptonshire County Council we designed, developed and produced a series of animations explaining the dangers of certain weather conditions to the public. 

Breaking the mould

Taking a slightly different approach, we developed the ‘Numpties’ who are a collection of non human characters that we exposed to extreme outcomes from everyday dangers.


The idea of the series was raise awareness of the dangers that different weather conditions pose, but by taking the scenarios to an over the top conclusion we could do it in a fun and entertaining way.


We designed characters that were relatable for the audience but not too human that any exaggerated outcome looked too graphic or gory for a universal audience.


Once we had the characters and style we were able to develop the scenarios for each episode – Winter, Summer, Flooding and Grab Bags. We did this by working through the key dangers that commonly occur in each weather condition with and then bringing them into the ‘Numpty’ world to display these to the audience in a fun and engaging way.


By keeping them short and entertaining we maximised their reach and shareability through social media and online channels.

Key Features


/ Character design

/ Environment design

/ 2D animation

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