App Case Study - vielife

Apps are the perfect way to engage with people on the move and to integrate with their daily lives.


We took advantage of this for the ChallengeMe! app for vielife which aims to get people motivated to make healthy lifestyle changes in a fun and engaging way. 

An app to get you moving

We made this happen by working closely with vielife to find out how an app would enhance their connection with their audience.


Once we had established this we created a cross platform app that helped deliver daily challenges and useful advice on the 4 pillars of health – Stress, Sleep, Nutrition and Physical health.


We combined an intuitive user friendly design with cross device technology to allow the user to select the activity by manually pressing the on screen button or by shaking the device


The app also included a calendar function so users could record their activities as well as integrating with the phone to activate reminders and send push notifications.


Through capturing the users data and by providing rewards the users could keep track of their progress as well being motivated by the in app rewards.


This project was perfect for an app, as it allowed us to use mobile technology to deliver real benefits to the user.


By putting the information in the palm of their hand, users could keep on top of their health challenges to help make a difference to their lifestyle. By integrating with the functions of the mobile device we were also able to deliver information to the user in a timely manner.

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