App Case Study - Engineering

For businesses that employ a large field based workforce, you may think that it can be difficult to digitise and automate your on site workflow and processes. This needn’t be the case. We show below how we overcame such a problem for one of our clients using a tablet and a bit of app coding magic!

App development to streamline field based processes

Our client is a large national engineering company that employs a number of field-based engineers. The challenge that they faced was that while on site the engineers were required to collect a lot of information about the jobs they were working on – has all the materials arrived, are any materials damaged, log progress on the job, complete snagging lists, has the project been completed and has it been signed off by the client?


Traditionally this information was captured on paper or by simple form on a laptop and then emailed or physically taken back to the head office to be inputted into the main system.


As you can imagine this process was time consuming and expensive as on average this added an extra 3 hours to the engineers day.

The RJDM App Solution

To streamline the process and free up valuable time for the engineers, we designed and developed an app that could be used on a mobile phone or tablet. This not only sped up the process, but also walked the engineer through the steps so that no information was missed. 


In automating the process we enabled real time information to be sent back to the team at the Head Office.


By using an app, RJDM Studios were able to add in further functionality that wasn’t available in the traditional way of working.  This included giving the engineer the ability to take and upload photos to accompany their inputs for snagging issues or if materials were damaged, giving the Head Office team much more information than before. The engineer was also able to photograph and upload the finished job, to show that the work had been completed.


Additional to adding photos, the engineer could also allow the client to sign off the work directly into the system as well as add any comments that they may wanted to note. This meant that the job was completed and signed off quicker than before freeing up the engineer to move onto the next job


/ Real time information capture and reporting

/ Quicker resolution of issues

/ Uploading photos of snagging issues and the completed job
/ Saving up to 3 hours of engineer time per day

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