Bespoke Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

When it comes to keeping track of your company’s work flow and managing your customers there are lots of options available. However buying an ‘off the shelf’ solution doesn’t always give you what you want or prove value for money.  As all of these systems are built for the mass market, there are often lots of features that you don’t need, or they are missing features that you do need.


In a lot of cases having a solution built just for your needs, proves much more cost effective.

Atlantic Online Media

Atlantic Online Media are the great team behind the incredibly popular discount services ‘Rewards for Forces’, ‘Rewards for Police’ and ‘Rewards for Rescue’, which offer hundreds of high street savings for the amazing men and women of our armed and emergency services and their families.


These three services operate a membership model where eligible customers register on the site to gain access to the available discounts from the website or via the Android and Apple Apps that we created for them.

The Challenge

With close to 200,000 members as well as over 1000 available discounts, Atlantic Online Media were desperate for a CRM system that would help them easily manage their business data.


The existing system relied on staff keeping track of their own accounts and all reporting was conducted by manually merging numerous spreadsheets, which was time consuming and didn’t always give the information that was required.

We were tasked with architecting and developing a company wide bespoke CRM solution that enabled the management of customer data, adverts, marketing material, order processing and tracking, as well as setting sales targets and enabling easy access to business reports.

Our Solution

To help streamline and simplify the workflow we worked closely with the Atlantic Online Media team to create a tailored CRM solution that would streamline their sales and customer management processes.


The system we created combined a bespoke CRM system with sales / user management functionality and a document management section.


The CRM section allowed the team to capture and manage the details of companies that had been contacted in relation to offering discounts. The interface allowed the user to add notes against these customers, assign tasks for call backs, follow ups, renewals and set reminders for other members of the sales team. This gave an easy to access record of the customers’ details and history of the account.


The system also enabled monthly sales targets to be set up for the team as a whole as well as individuals. These sales targets were visible on each users account and provided real time updates for each member on how they were performing against these.


All this data was easily accessed through a management section, which enabled the senior team to generate reports for the sales targets and team performance.


By creating this tailored CRM system for Atlantic Online Media we were able to give them a system that exactly matched their needs to give a joined up sales and marketing workflow.


/ Easy access to customer data and account history

/ Joined up workflow

/ Better business visibility

/ Quick set up and monitoring of sales targets

/ Easy access to business reports



To find out how we can develop a similar bespoke system for you, give us a call today…

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