Getting Animated for Broadcast

Animation is a becoming a staple for UK advertising; from Meerkats to magical worlds, companies are using its limitless potential to engage consumers.


Animation also offers great flexibility in creating a unique and recognisable brand identity that sets you apart from the competition.


It’s because of this flexibility that I’m Sure got in touch with us to not only produce them an animated TV commercial for their insurance product, but to also design a hero character for their brand to star in the commercial.

Character Design and Style

The guys at I’m Sure had a good idea of the style they wanted to go with so we worked with this to come up with some designs for Captain I’m Sure who would come to the rescue when things went wrong.


Once we were all happy with the style of the character we could translate that across to the world that he would be in.


Created an animation for I'm sure for UK broadcast

Needed to include all the areas required by the client as well as keep the legal requirements for broadcast and to exact length for the advertising slot

Used their existing character and created the environment in the same style

Managed the VO and clear cast processes submitting it to the required channels once cleared for broadcast. 


/ Endless possibilities without the high price of CG worlds and heavy visual effects

/ Often more cost effective as you don’t have to pay for ‘buy outs’ of multiple actors

/ Great flexibility for multi-lingual versions

/ Create recognisable and unique brand identity 

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