Systems Integration By RJDM

Have you ever had to transfer data between two or more systems and been frustrated by how long it takes you to do this manually? For example, each day, you download a CSV or Excel spreadsheet of data from one system, spend time re-naming and re-ordering the columns and then uploading this data to another system?


If your systems have an API whether it be RESTful or SOAP or something else, we can help you automate the transfer of data so that your systems can talk to each other simply and easily and reduce the amount of manual work that you need to do.


RJDM has years of experience using APIs to get data from one system to another. For example, we automate the transfer of our customers' online order data from their e-commerce platforms such as Magento. Shopify, Linnworks and Expandly, into back-end warehouse management systems such as Red Prairie so that the orders can be shipped and delivered in a timely manner. We also transfer invoice data automatically from e-commerce systems to accountancy systems like Xero so that your book-keeping and accountancy can be as automated as possible.


Even if your systems don't have a built in API, if you have access to the source code or database, we may be able to build a custom integration for you anyway.


Why not get in touch to discuss your requirements? It might be better than all the time you waste manually changing all those spreadsheets!!!



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