Online Project Process

When choosing a web project with RJDM Studios, we take you through every step of the process so you can be confidant in the product you are receiving.


Use the headings below to find out more about each step in the process...


We start with your idea and concept for what you would like the site or system to achieve and find out the important information such as - who the audience is, which technologies does it need to use, what platforms does it need to operate on, will it be mobile responsive and does it need to talk to or integrate with other existing systems?


Once we know everything that you want the system to do and how you want it to do it, we have a much better idea of how we will build it.

System specification

Once we know how you want the system to operate, we put together a System Specification.  This is a document that explains exactly what the system will do and how it will operate from a technical point of view.


This is the most important part of the process for us as it this is the document we will follow to build the system. We will refer back to this at every part of the process, so if it’s not in this document it won’t be in the final build!


Once you are happy we have understood your requirements and the system spec is signed off – it’s show time!!


This is the design version of the system specification and will involve us working with you to map out exactly how you would like the system to look and what type of user journey is important. We take inspiration from all the sites you like, avoid things from sites that you don’t like and take on the role of your audience so we can be sure your site will be intuitive and easy to use.


Once we have the basic understanding of how you want the system to look, we take these ideas and create a wireframe design. This is a basic layout of boxes that show where key areas will be such as navigation, content areas, media boxes, logos, footers etc. in outline form.


This stage allows us to work through the site to check the flow between pages and to see if the layout will work for your content. At this stage it’s much quicker and easier to move things around to make sure we have the right look, feel and flow.



Once we have the correct layout and flow, we take the wireframe pages and add our styling magic! Working with your brand guidelines or creating a fresh new look we bring the key page designs to life.


Using the key designed pages, or sometimes the wireframes, we stich these pages together as a clickable prototype. This allows you to click through the key pages to make sure you are happy with how the pages work together.


Once the site is designed and we know how it’s going to work, then we think about the content that will go into it. In some instances you will already have this, but we can help make it web friendly and please the Google spiders for SEO.

User Interface Build

This happens once the designs have been signed off. The step sees us building the functionality that the users will interact with and gives the site its overall look and flow.

Back End Coding

Depending on what your site needs to do this could be where all the time of the project is spent, as this is where the magic happens!! The back end coding is the engine room of your site and will ensure that it does all the clever things that you want it to do.


This is an on going part of the process as we continually test and re-test as we go, but once everything has been brought together we do one big test to make sure that everything works as it should.

Final website

That’s it!  The end of the process and the design and build of your shiny new web system which can be let loose on the internet…

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