Film Production Services

With in-house producers, an expert eye for composition and an impressive technical resource, RJDM are much more than just a man with a camera!


Rely on our experience to bring together a wealth of creative and technical talent for cinematic experiences that inspire, educate and entertain – sometimes all at the same time! And whatever the scope and size of your next film project, you’ll have the confidence we can deliver a finished result you’ll be proud to show.


A great script will turn the ordinary into the engaging, pulling the audience from one scene to the next with a powerful narrative drive. That’s why it’s so vital to get it right from the outset.


If you’ve already got a rough outline we can help you hone it to perfection. Or maybe the story is still a swirl of ideas in your head? If that’s the case we’ll work with you, coming up with fresh inventive concepts, which we’ll then refine into a perfectly-crafted screenplay.


We work with a select group of screen-writing talent, each bringing a different style, tone and approach. It could be one of our BAFTA winners who can pen an emotional rollercoaster of a drama and leave the audience spellbound. Then again you might need a hard-nosed commercial copywriter who likes nothing better than delivering succinct, punchy marketing messages to spur potential customers into action.


If you’d like to see some sample scripts or need ideas on developing a story, get in touch and we’ll get the kettle on.

Green Screen Filming

If you’ve ever watched the BBC weather reports you’ll have seen a green screen in action. Essentially the presenter is filmed in front of a blank, green backdrop, which is “removed” by clever software and an alternative background (in this case the weather map) shown in its place.


Although it’s a bad idea to ask us to forecast the weather, we know loads of good stuff about using our green screen for filming.


Sometimes it’s about simplicity, creating a clean, white background for a “digital presenter” on a website – for instance, an online e-learning tool that needs an explanatory introduction by a human being.


Or, it could put you somewhere that might be tricky to achieve in real life. For instance, getting permission to film inside the White House might be problematical to say the least. But, with some library footage, we can put you slap-bang in the middle of the Oval Office. What you do once you’re there is up to you!


And then there’s the fun stuff. If you need to be floating through outer space accompanied by an animated lobster doing the can-can, then our green screen will do the trick.


You’ll see some of the results of our green screen work in our film showreel but please get in touch if you’d like to know more about it and how it works.

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