Film Project Process

Here's how we take your idea from paper to POW...!

Find out more about each step in the process by using the headings below...


We take your idea and key messages and work with you to find out how we can best deliver these to your audience. This is the stage where we think about your audience, length, style, approach, distribution channel, tone and any existing material that you would like us to be influenced by.


Taking your ideas and key messages we then turn these into a script that will accurately and concisely deliver these to your audience in an engaging way. If you already have a script, we usually need to go through it and give it some RJDM magic to make sure that it not only delivers the right message, but it delivers it in a way that your audience will remember and is pitched at the right level.


Once the script and the style have been agreed we then start getting visual! We take the script and put this against a still of what we see happening on screen during that dialogue. We also add some information about the type of action that will be happening so you can see this coming to life.


These are the good folk in front of the camera who will be the focus of your production.


Depending on the type of production you require they will vary from professionals who will bring your characters to life, or members of your team, company or the community if you are looking for a more documentary style production.


No matter what size or type of cast you need, we will be able to help source, organise and brief them for the shoot.


These are the good folk behind the camera!!  We have an experienced production team as well as a close network of trusted freelancers that we use on all our live action productions. 


We will pull together the right people for the size and requirements of the shoot and make sure they are all on hand for when the action starts!

Location Sourcing

From a green screen studio to a space centre to we can source the right locations to fit with your production. We manage all the sourcing and booking of locations and make sure that the cast and crew turn up where they should, when they should!


Lights, Camera, ACTION! This is when the magic happens! Pulling together all the hard work of the previous steps ensures that the ‘shoot’ runs smoothly with a fantastic result.


This is a very important part of the shoot and is often much overlooked. Lighting the scene correctly ensures that you not only can see the people and set clearly, but does a lot to set the mood and feel for scene.

Sound recording

This is also an essential part of the shoot and we always insist in having a sound engineer on set to capture the audio no matter how big or small the production is. The right clarity of sound combined with a background (or ‘wild’) track really does add a different dimension to your production.


Once the shoot is finished it’s back to the studio to stitch it all together. It’s this stage where all the captured footage (or ‘Rushes’) are logged and synced with the audio that has been recorded.


Once we have all this we place all the footage, audio and sound effects that we need onto the timeline of our editing software and fine tune until we have the final sequence of shots.

Visual Effects

This is the sprinkle of magic that can add another dimension to your production. Visual Effects can be anything from some on screen text, to warping the realms of reality Hollywood style, it all depends on your production and the impact you need.

Music and Sound FX

Once the footage is edited and any VFX sprinkled on top we add the sound FX and any music score that is required. These final touches add the extra layers to the production that will really set your production apart from the rest.

Final Movie

That’s a wrap! Once we have added all the sound FX, music and fine tuned the edit we have a final movie ready to be uploaded to the web, sent to your audience or passed on to TV stations for Broadcast.

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