RJDM Bespoke Mobile App Development

With a market that’s still growing there’s a lot of noise out there. So if you’re going to launch an app you need to be clear about why you’re doing it, what kind of profit you expect and how it fits with your other online marketing activities.


We have the technical skills to program and develop your apps in a wide variety of technologies including cross-platform apps using frameworks such as React Native, iOS Apple apps using Objective C and Swift programming languages and Android apps written in Java.


However, as far as we’re concerned, technical perfection is a given. On top of that it has to look amazing too. But just as importantly it has to be right for your users. By taking into consideration what’s likely to engage your target customers and drive interaction, we’ll help to make your app a commercial success.


We’ve guided global brands and companies towards app solutions that have helped to connect a segmented workforce, integrate large corporate networks, gather customer data and entertain kids. Audi, Barclays and Rewards for Forces are just a few of the clients we’ve developed engaging, informative and flexible apps for.


With expertise covering a wide range of digital media, we create solutions that offer much more than just a distraction from the hum-drum. From the start we’ll be thinking about how you can monetise them and see a stronger return. And if it’s a business tool we’ll be working out how it can streamline processes and bring valuable cost-savings for your organisation.


No matter where you’ve got to with an idea for an app come and talk to us. We’ll offer sound advice without any geek-speak and show you the possibilities that smaller screens hold. Call us on +44 (0)1604 648464 or email info@rjdm.com  now.



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