1001 Arabian Nights | Global Village - Dubai | Autumn 2015

We produced this fantastic Genie animation with spectacular backgrounds for Global Village, Dubai as parts of their "Dreams" stage show - celebrating the tales of 1001 Arabian Nights.


Working closely with their production team we designed, modeled and built the Genie in 3D before animating him across the number of different scenarios.

We also built and animated five detailed backgrounds as part of the show to give moving scenery and dynamic transitions between scenes.


Once completed the animation and backgrounds were displayed on 3 large event screens and integrated into the live show giving a dynamic feel to the production and a larger than life Genie interacting with the on stage cast.

Service Provided

Character design, script writing, storyboarding, animation, editing, sound design, sound FX

RJDM 2D and 3D Characters
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