Here’s a quick guide to some of the vital services we provide as part of our comprehensive animation offer…


When your message needs to go global, we’re with you. Take advantage of our experience in worldwide animation roll-outs and driving brands into new markets.


We think multilingual from the start so that your animation is unhindered by borders to maximise your audience and deliver even greater value. By fully managing translations and native voice-over recordings we’ll give your animation greater local appeal and increase its reach.

Character Design

A character is far more than just a drawing.


As an ambassador for your brand or business he, she (or “it”!) has to be believable and convincing. When we start to design a character we’re building a back story too, thinking about what their likes and dislikes might be and the unique mannerisms that make them an individual. And if there is more than one we need to know how they’ll get along together (and what might happen when they don’t!). All this makes for a credible and appealing on-screen presence that will carry a story so much further.


All our characters start out as 2D animation designs but we’ll always be thinking about how they could work in 3D animation too. So whichever method you choose to suit your budgets and the flexibility you need, you’ll have a character with a rich, full life beyond the sketchpad.


However far you’ve got with an idea for your animation, we can help you sharpen it with the right words and a powerful narrative to drive the action forward. And if you’re starting with a completely blank sheet of paper we’ll bring original ideas to the table and explore different ways to get your message across.


By giving it shape and structure we’ll bring it to life in a convincing and compelling way that pulls the viewer along and makes sure they stay for the ride. Whether it’s a fully-scripted drama or a short infographic, one of our accomplished writers will work with you, fine-tuning everything until we’re ready to start animating.


By drawing on this pool of scriptwriting talent we’ll find the perfect fit for the story you want to tell and how you want to tell it. We’re able to choose from BAFTA-winning writers who can add real magic to storytelling, to experienced marketing-led copywriters who’ll be focused on powerful selling messages.

Sound Design

Great animation engages the ears as well as the eyes.


Adding another layer of perception, sound builds atmosphere and pulls at the emotions, creating a fuller, richer and more immersive experience. With musicians, composers and sound-effect artists to draw on, we think with our ears from the very beginning, making sure it’s an integral part of the story and not just an afterthought.


Whether it’s a whacky crash-bang-wallop or a stirring orchestrated score, sound has the ability to transform an animation so that it grabs the audience, involving them more deeply – and letting you control the mood and tone to suit the message you want to get across.

Voice Over

As a successful animation studio we believe we’ve got a finely-tuned ear for choosing the right voice for the right message.


After working with the leading voiceover artist agencies for many years we can draw on a vast range of tones and accents, so if you have something in mind we’ll be able to find the perfect match.


And if you’re not quite sure yet our directors and producers can make suggestions and give you a range of sound-clips to listen to and choose from.

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