RJDM 2D Animation, 3D Animation and Infographics

With RJDM Animation Studios you’re getting 18 years of 2D animation, 3D animation and Infographics experience, producing great work for big names like Disney Pixar, Castrol, Coca Cola and many more.


You’re also getting specialists – a talented team of 2D and 3D animators and artists who are still fired up about what animation can do and the limitless possibilities it holds for your business or brand.


Whether you’re after a corporate video, a short viral animation, animation for training or even a fully animated series, you can use their expertise to create magical, compelling and memorable experiences for the audiences you want to reach.


It sounds obvious really, but we believe that only trained, experienced animators can produce great animation. Any graphic designer can buy an animation package and string a few moving images together but it’s unlikely to cut it.


Animation has to live and breathe. It has to convince you to suspend disbelief and draw you into its unique world-view. It also has to tell a great story and be capable of keeping the audience engaged until the very end. All that takes a combination of skill, artistry and a deep understanding of the medium – qualities you’ll find in every one of our animation team.


What’s more they’re supported by a bunch of equally talented character designers, scriptwriters and audio technicians to deliver a finely crafted production that works harder at getting your message across.

RJDM 2D and 3D Characters
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