2D Animation

With styles from scribbled and hand-drawn; to sharp, precise graphics, 2D animation is a flexible, versatile and cost-effective way to create stunning animations.


Essentially it’s a series of drawings or illustrations put together in sequence to create a dynamic movie, which sounds fairly straightforward. But in the hands of our 2D animators it’s taken to another level. They can do funny, serious, and anything else in between and are equally at home making audiences laugh uncontrollably as they are at delivering powerful marketing campaigns or vital educational information.


2D animation tends to be better suited for one-off or shorter projects. When you think you might want to use the same characters again and again then 3D animation might be the way to go.


Don’t worry if you’re not sure, just get in touch and we’ll take you through the options in greater detail and find the best fit for your budget.


Project Examples

RJDM 2D and 3D Characters
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