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2D / 3D Animation

Different Animation
Styles 2D v 3D

At RJDM we're lucky to have a talented bunch of 2D and 3D Animators and Artists, so no matter what type of animation you're looking for our highly skilled team can produce the goods.
On budget, on quality, on time - and if you're not sure which type of animation is best for you get in touch or take a look at our animation portfolio to see which style suits you best.


What is 2D Animation?

In effect a series of drawings, graphics or illustrations put together in sequence to create a dynamic movie. These can be funny, serious or anything in between and the style can go from loose and sketchy to slick and hard-edged. 2D animation tends to be more cost-effective for one-off or shorter projects - for projects where you might want to use the same characters or themes again and again, take a look at 3D animation.


What is 3D Animation?

This is when everything in your animation is digitally "built" in 3 dimensions to create virtual characters and environments. These are then posed, moved and transformed and the action is captured to create a movie. The advantage here is that although the initial investment to build everything is higher than 2D animation, the next time you want to use the same characters and environments they're ready and waiting, saving you time and money.

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Mixed Media
Have the best of both worlds

Don't worry you don't have to choose between 2D and 3D. Putting them together and shaking them around a bit can produce amazing results that are definitely more than the sum of their parts.


Think about your next project and give us a call - we'd love to hear about it and help you find technique to get the end results you want.